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MIFF, Media Forum
8a, Nikitskii Boulevard, 3rd,
(«Internews» - for «MediaArtLab»)
119019 Moscow
Tel.: +007 (095) 956-22-48


The Management of International Festivals and Exhibitions ("Sovinterfest") was set up by the directive # 1120r of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated May 13, 1975 and was reorganized into the General Management of International Film Festivals INTERFEST by the order # 32 of the Committee on Cinematography with the Government of Russian Federation dated April 29, 1992.
Since 1975 (IX MIFF) INTERFEST has been the invariable organizer of Moscow International Film Festivals. It has the organization and holding of the last 15 film festivals to its credit.

INTERFEST is a unique organization specializing exclusively in holding film festivals. (INTERFEST also holds the annual festival of student and debut works "Saint Anna", organizes festival of new Russian cinema in New York and Russian film's week in Paris (jointly with Espace Pierre Cardin). INTERFEST employs workers from different spheres of film industry, many of whom have been taking part in organizing Moscow Film Festivals for more than several decades.

INTERFEST is widely known abroad as the organizer of the Moscow film forum and is highly esteemed in influential international film organizations, which has a very positive effect at the time of preparation for the Moscow International Film Festival.

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