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Center for Art and Culture


The sites:

GMG Gallery
2A/1, Leont'evskiy lane
+7 (495) 626-88-80

Moscow Museum of Modern Art
9, Tverskoy boulevard
+7 (495) 694-28-90

Solyanka Club
11/6, Solyanka street
+7 (495) 221-75-57

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture
19A, Obraztsova street
+7 (495) 645-05-20

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
14 bldg.5A, Bersenevskaya emb.

MF Programme

TRANSITLAND: Video art from Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989-2009

Central and Eastern Europe — a common information space, recovering from common historical turmoil in the 80s and 90s, at the same time this part of Europe is represented by very different countries with their own destinies and traditions. Each lived with an eye to the global context and used artistic techniques to investigate and re-form their own national identity. What we all have in common? What makes us different? >>

Gary Hill's videoart exhibition and workshop

This year, the MediaForum is planning to give the Moscow audience a most thorough introduction to the oeuvre of Gary Hill — one of the most renowned American video artists, one of the pillars who shaped the video-art of today as we know it. >>

JODI — media performance and workshop

Trendy net artists JODI are responsible for Media Forum parties, and if you know something about net.art, explanation of who they are just isn't necessary. This time around, they are arranging a live performance and a workshop.  >>

Media Art Parties

Best of Transmediale, PIKSEL, PRIX Ars Electronica, Japan Media Art Festival. >>

Panel discussion «Video art after the fall of the Berlin Wall»

The panel discussion will bring together critics and art historians, who won't miss the opportunity to express their opinions about video art after the fall of the Berlin Wall. >>


Workshops at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. >>