(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

F e s t i v a l & C o n f e r e n c e



"CyberMovie" nominees.
jury winners
Festival of Internet art projects associated with new forms of screen shows on the web.

 "Cathedral"   Los Angeles, USA, 2001

Ken Marchionno, USA

An interactive/non-linear video documentary, focusing on Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. The interface exhibits three looped videos on screen at the same time. These are randomly chosen from an archive and the ensuing juxtapositions deny the purposeful narrative structures inherent in a typical documentary. 
As the piece runs, icons on the bottom of the screen cross paths and chose videos from the archive. The viewer has the option to interact by rolling the cursor over those same icons, thus adding to the mix.

 "The Last Stage of the Ladybird"
Alexandr Romadamnov (Alexroma), USA.
Born in 1960, Moscow. After graduation from the Moscow Institute of International Relations was assigned to the USA. Author, member of the PEN club, 2001 ArtFlash award.

The work is produced in the new Cyberliterature genre, characterized by a combination of texts with dynamic computer-generated images. The text used here is a Russian nursery rhyme: “Ladybird, fly to the sky…” and the images are photographs of eggs, cocoons and bugs. The concept of this work is based upon an aethetic contrast formed by the romantic perception of the ladybird bug and its byological metamorphosis. 
In the end of the film both bugs and text are fused into an X-shape.

 "KEIN FILM / NO FILM"   Germany, 2000.
Michael Brynntrup, Germany.
Flash-Attack Award (3rd Prize, BerlinBETAversion3.0, 2000).

The manifesto flashes up over the internet: "Film is no longer what it should have been. Rhythm in the age of its digital producibility." Brynntrup has always been fascinated by putting his own image before the camera. He presents to us the human subject as serialized in images, supplemented by the internet, seamlessly fitted into the matrix. One film - two originals: the internet version in online quality ( and the 35mm version: coming soon to a film festival near you!

 "Cybercine"   Saint Peterburg, 1999-2001.
Kostya Mitenev, Russia.
a) "St.Pb. 4.1", 2000, 2 min.
b) "Twin's TV", 1999, 4 min.
c) "Contact 000", 2000, 0:37 min.
d) "Misha & Masha", 2001, 0:17 min. 

a) The first cyberfilm about the start of the3d millenium Petersburg.
b) Birth of the digital video.
c) Meeting extraterrestial civilizations.
d) Robot and Cyborg.

 "Empyrean"   Australia/UK/Canada, 2000-2001
Melinda Rachham, Australian.
An artist and writer based in Sydney, Australia. 
Has been working online since the mid 1990’s in her domain 
Currently undertaking a PhD in Virtual Media at College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.

An online multiuser VRML world. The video documents these virtual arenas which have no attachments to offline reality. In these spaces of emptiness – hungry voids, the in-tensions and strange attractions between organic avatars make sense of this otherwordly, yet oddly familiar, domain. Empyrean’s sensory journey mirrors internal and external relations within e_scapes created and occupied only n the Internet.

 "The Data][h!][bleeding T.ex][e][ts"   Australia, 2000/2001
Mez Breeze, Australia.
is a professional net.wurked avatar who [since 1995] has exhibited x-tensively in a net.wurked sphere.
Currently working on her "Fantazee Genderator" project [commissioned via a Cash Award] for the IFU @ Humboldt-Uiniversitat at Berlin.

_The Data][h!][bleeding T.ex][e][ts_ r remnants from email performances d-voted to the dispersal of writing that has been n.spired and mutated according 2 the dynamics of an active network.

 "Andruis Ventslova’s Personal Web page"   St.Petersburg, Russia, 2001.
Andrius Ventslova, Russia.
Worked with video installations, explored the theory of video mix in “real” time at large raves. 1997-1999 produces music videos andcommercials.
Since 2000 Director of the video magazine “KaMyshi” (“the Reeds”) 



 "Visual Chaos"   USA, 2001.
Jody Zellen, USA.
(Los Angeles, California). Works in many media making photographs, installations, net art, public art, as well as artists’ book. One of her recent projects is the web site GHOST CITY (

A short web work that explores the idea of chaos on the web, “Visual Chaos” counters the use of the web as a source for information. The site explores an abstracted idea of the city. It explores the notion of being swallowed by the city. Contained within “Visual Chaos” are a number of flash movies that use historical images of Los Angeles as source material adding current images and texts as animations to explore the relationship between the past and the present, as well as the ancient, the modern and the future city. The site uses the space of the web as a sculptural space, allowing viewers to interact with animated graphics to delve deeper and deeper into an imaginary city. 

 "Last Tango in the Internet"   Italy-Russia, 1972-2001
Bernardo Bertolucci/ Unknown Author. Italy, Russia.
Bernardo Bertolucci. Born in 1941. Italian film director and poet.
Unknown Author. Born in 19.. Was born, educated, married and divorced.

What happens with a film online? How do you render the plot using contemporary media? What new potential does the film gain and what does it lose?

 "Machina Picasso"   Russia, 2000
kustokusto (Lev Stepanov). Russia.

The work is executed in the flash technology, which enables an interaction with animated graphics through the use of specific scripts. This interactivity makes the work “polyvariant”? and unpredictable, freeing the audience from the former way of ”passive” perception of an art work and suggesting active “PARTICIPATION” instead. The flash attempts to look at the visual art language with the eyes of the twentyfirst-century man,when the new technologies and civilization strategies will change our outlook of history – including the history of art.

 "Cybervilla"   Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2000.
Aleksandra Globokar. Slovene.
Born in 1970. An architect working as an interior decorator. In virtual she's interested in new architectural theory, dealing mostly with VRML landscapes and investigating the architecture in virtual space. 2000 / 08 CYBER-NEOLITHIC E-CARDS created and put on-line.

CYBERVILLA is a VRML part of a larger theoretical project KIBERVILA - Avatar VS Homo sapiens which was completed in Slovene language in November 2000. It's dealing with the problem of an on-line existence and multiple forms of human existance.

 "Ballettikka Internettikka / Part One: net.ballet"   Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2001.
Igor Stromajer. Slovenia.
(born 1967 in Slovenia) - an artist specializing in mobile internet art and intimate communication art projects. Creator of the Intima Virtual Base. 

"Stromajer dances net.ballet while MC Brane conducts MIDI orchestra!"
After the project Oppera Teorettikka Internettikka from 1999, when net artist Igor Stromajer sang the HTML code of his net projects, he decided to dance the net.ballet, to support The Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow, Russia) and its renovation. The event explored how ballet can be executed with a serial of still images (via live Webcam video capture) and automatically uploaded on the Net every 20 seconds - choreographed to be understood only in the context of the Webcast, not live or in real time.

Roman Minaev. Russia.
(born in St. Petersburg/Russia, 1970). 1994-2000 Muthesius Academy of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, department of printmaking, Kiel/Germany. 1998-1999 The National Academy of Fine Arts, department of chinese calligraphy, Hangzhou/China.

The original idea of the trashconnection is the definition of trash online.
Everybody who is just surfing around the net has to confront with always appearing advertising banners, icons or trademarks. By mirroring them with the permanent addresses in the HTML-code on the web, the direct connection is created. The current appearance of such banners depends alone on the initiator. This process lends an incontestable actuality to the entire work, until all the segments resolve in the Internet.
Furthermore the Trashconnection shows digital creations of net-art.

 "CARROT*"   Moscow, Russia, 2000.
Yel Zelenaya (Fir Green). Russia.
Russian net artist. Author of the “Yelskoe” Internet project (

A mystic thriller about young C.’s adventures.

 "PrintMe"   Malmo, Sweden, 2000.
Bjǿrn Wangen, Norwegian
Art Academy of Trondheim, Norway.
Viper festival of film, video and new media, Luzern, Switzerland (99); Electrohype 2000, Malmo, Sweden (00).

A simple homepage shows the image of the author in full-scale, the body estimated to be approx. 5606 pixels high in a 1024 x 768 screen resolution. The visitor is invited in by leaving a note or message to the <body>. On submission, the body starts to levitate, floating slowly upwards, and all the messages from prior visitors are printed one by one on the body.

 "Broadbandit highway"   UK 2001 [Manu Luksch & Ilze Black]. UK.
Manu Luksch founder member of Ambient Photographer & Production Assistant to Peter Greenaway's projects "100 Objects to Represent the World" (Vienna 1991/92), "Frames-100 Years of Cinema" (Munich 1995). Ambient Ltd exploits and develops content structures that fuse "the best" of both media, film & internet, which involves producing and consulting on webcasting, online gaming, interactive documentaries to e/iTV programmes, as well as art projects.
Ilze Black lives and works in London since 1996. Before joining Ambient TV in 2000, she had curated exhibitions such as 000zerozerozero in 1999, The Piss Factory, 1998. 

This is the first production from the cAmbientTV series, the live cam road movie.
By linking hotel television with live webcams from the Internet, "cAmbientTV for Hotels" provides a seamless transition between the private room of the international traveller and the intimate uncanny encounter with people and places from around the world. CAmbientTV abandons the conventional dramaturgy of television narratives and contributes to the atmosphere of the physical space. The viewer is a catalyst, entering into and out of the mutual time/space of video streams in real time.

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