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__ The International Conference «Future Cinema»

FUTURE CINEMA exhibition in the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
Curated by Peter Weiebl and Jeffrey Shaw

The presentation of Bernhard Serexhe, Head of ZKM | Museums Communication, will be accompanied by a large video documentary of the exhibit. 
FUTURE CINEMA was the first major international exhibition of current art practice in the domain of video, film, computer and web based installations that embody and anticipate new cinematic techniques and modes of expression. These new digital contexts are setting an appropriate platform for the further evolution of the traditions of independent, experimental and expanded avantgarde cinema. No commercial or industrial working teams а la Hollywood have been presented, but the individual efforts of artists who overcome or undermine the global standards of the cinema industry. The Future of Cinema can be delineated from two sources. One way is the expansion of existing cinematographic methods and codes into new areas. The other way is the convergence of cinema, TV and net.
Further information: http://www.zkm.de/futurecinema/


ROUND TABLE «Art-Trash: at the film industry’s backyard»

Today it is necessary to revive the original radicalism of the media-technologies. This is not a problem of technology, but a problem of philosophy and ideology.
Participants: Kirill Razlogov, Russia, art director of MIFF, director of Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Russia, Jan Schuijren, Netherland, committee member Artist in Stipendia The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Naum Kleiman, Russia, director of the «Musei Kino», Boris Yukhananov, Russia, producer, Kathy Rae Huffman, UK, director of Visual Arts Cornerhouse, Milena Musina, Russia – film-critic, Bernhard Serexhe, Germany, director of Museums Communications, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Nina Zaretskaya, Russia, director of «Art Media Center TV-gallery», Alexandr Shaburov, Russia, artist, Phill Niblock, USA, director, Experimental Intermedia, Katherine Liberovsky, Quebec Regional Director, Independent Film & Video Alliance of Canada, Andrei Silvestrov, Russia, producer, Bart Rutten, Netherland, Head of Presentation department of the Netherlands Media art Institute, Helen Davies, UK, Programme manager of British film Institute, David Garcia, Netherland, Professor of Hogeschol Kunst Utrecht, Alexei Isaev, Russia, director of «MediaArtLab» etc.

Moderators: Oleg Kireev, Moscow, David Garsia, Amsterdam

Tactical media are the momentary reaction tools for the artists and activists aimed to disseminate information, establish contacts, create images. Tactical media prefer low technologies, small communities, private interests, amateurs. They use language of communication, intellect, creative participation. They don't represent anyone except for themselves but they call for everybody to use their low budget, non-professional, local, momentary tools. They think this a condition for creating a bright diverse culture, a culture of a civil society. 
For now the Tactical Media Laboratories took place at Birmingham, Delhi, New-York, Cluj (Romania), Barcelona, Singapore, Rio, and are scheduled for Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Halifax, Adelaide (Australia) and some other cities. 
Since the tactical media agenda is not well known for Moscow we decide to represent it in a maximally broad context. Tactical media are the tools of a new young culture which talk the languages of non-budget cinema, video-activism, non-profit publications, leaflets, sites, and even the street actions intervening into an urban space. 

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